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Individual Sessions

The safe and supportive environment of one-on-one sessions offer you the individualized attention that allow your process to unfold at pace that is right for you within the container of an empathic relationship.

Your concerns are approached in a holistic manner as we explore the interplay of your thought processes, emotional reactions, and the physical holding patterns in your body that limit awareness and maintain behavior patterns that may no longer be serving you.

The work helps you transform unconscious defensive patterns and makes more energy and consciousness available to you, which in turn transforms your relationship to yourself and to others.

Sessions last one hour and are generally scheduled on a weekly basis.                                                 



Couples Sessions

Couples sessions are a profound path to healing and mutual growth in relationship. Being in process together deepens intimacy and supports each of the partners to be and express more of who they really are.

Couples learn to express a broader range of emotions, as well as understand the patterns that create distance and dissatisfaction in the relationship. They learn new relationship skills as they practice opening their hearts, find more presence in their sexual relationship, and receive one another more genuinely.





Core Energetics Process Group

Participating in a process group is one of the most powerful ways to take your journey deeper. The immediacy of group work provides a unique opportunity to gain awareness of inter-relational patterns as they emerge in the here-and-now.

Members support one another is expressing more of their genuine feelings, experiment with new behaviors, and break through defensive patterns. The group also holds a space for the individuals to work through issues that are presenting in their lives and to receive honest feedback.

Group work is tremendously rewarding opportunity for connection, sharing, and transformation as members learn and grow, not only from their own work but from each others.

- Process groups meet twice per month.




Clinical Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a safe, natural, and highly effective method for achieving behavior modifying results.

Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique that combines deep relaxation with a focused state of awareness that heightens receptivity to positive suggestions which are uniquely designed to support you in reaching your particular goals.

Hypnosis is best used as a targeted approach for issues such as; smoking cessation, stress management, pain management, improving concentration, phobias, changing eating patterns, etc. It is also frequently used as an aid to spiritual exploration in areas such as past-life regression, and connection to Spiritual guidance.




Workshops / Events

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Core Energetics Training Programs

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