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  • “Dearest Lisa, I want to thank you for the peace of mind you’ve brought into my life. Your guidance, your loving care and wonderful wisdom and energy have helped me so very much. You’ve helped me be happier, stronger, and so much truer to myself, I treasure the time I spend with you, the discoveries you help me make and the trust I have in you.” - F.E., Norwalk, CT
  • “Wow Lisa! What can I say, I went through hell and back under your guidance. You held me so lovingly and gave me such clear insight. I will forever be grateful to you.” -M.S., Bronx, NY
  • "Just to tell you how wonderful I feel. You were so instrumental for that happening." - K.L., Norwalk, CT
  • "Thank you for a great session today. I appreciate your expertise, intuitive artistry, and your compassion and commitment to my transformation. I feel blessed to be working with you." - B.K. South Salem, NY
  • "I think of you so often, with wonder and gratitude. You have such a deep, loving quality about you, a capacity for making a person (me) feel totally understood and accepted without reservation. I will never forget both the deep feelings you helped me to release, and the forgiveness you helped me allow to begin." - J.P. Greenwich, CT
  • "Lisa, our session helped me so much. Some days are better for me in relationship, and then of course I fall into the hole but at least I know how to get out. I am grateful now, seeing some things about myself that of course never wanted to deal with, but it is not so hard after all, sometimes not fun... but not so hard. Thank you for all you do for my life." - J.L.,Westport, CT
  • "Dear Lisa, Thank you for creating a space of loving support while helping me reclaim pieces of my heart. I am deeply grateful for having this opportunity to work with you". - S.P., New Canaan, CT.
  • "Lisa, you were my beacon this year." S.D., New York City
  • "I believe that you have been graced with the measure of creativity, sensitivity, integrity and human-ness that sets an exceptional Core therapist apart from the others. I never know what to expect when I walk into your office - I am frequently amazed, and never disappointed. It is my privilege to be working with you." - H.W. , Norwalk, CT
  • "What can I say - I couldn't have done it without you. I am doing great now. I am so grateful the universe helped me find you." - J.K. Wilton, CT
  • "It was providence that brought you in my life." - F.N., Philadelphia
  • "In the 8 years that I have known Lisa, I have gotten to see her work in many roles....as teacher, process leader, community leader and therapist. She has taken me and many others safely through the frightening terrain of our own histories and helped us emerge intact and expanded in self awareness. Lisa is a brilliant thinker, an intuitive, creative therapist and just a lovely, warm woman to know. I recommend work with her in any capacity." Jeanne Denney on linked-in
  • "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I love the way you work." Y.C., Gloucester, MA
  • "I'll never forget how you helped me through a very dark time in my life and how your help lifted me up. You ARE amazing." - D.C. (Australia)
  • "Lisa, I am incredibly inspired by you, Thank you for being