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Mind Body Healing, Working with Body & Mind- Lisa Loustaunau

Certified Core Energetics Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Interfaith Spiritual Counselor
Core Energetics Training

Telephone: (203) 722-7129


Working with the Body/Mind

Body work is central to opening the flow of our life force within our body. It is important to understand the nature of our energetic defenses and how they take shape in our body in the form of armoring. Many of our beliefs, emotions and images, are actually generated & continually being recycled in our life because these defenses are rooted in our bodies. It is for this reason that we often find ourselves recreating patterns in our lives from which we cannot seem to escape, no matter how much we try.

Childhood with its different phases of growth and development is in essence a process of embodiment. Repeated insults or trauma to the individual at particular stages, affects this embodiment process and results in a contraction of the life force. This changes the natural pulsation of the body.  All defenses are fixed in the body, in what Wilhelm Reich (the father of body psychotherapy), called armoring. Armoring is originally a protective device, a survival strategy, meant to defend the physical and psychic integrity of the individual. The problem however is that the armoring stays even when the original life situation has changed. The consequences of our armoring is that habitual patterns of thought and feeling get played out in repeating patterns & life scenarios. For example, a feeling that you can never be satisfied, or perhaps a sense of feeling stuck & mired in what feel like dead-end situations. These patterns are not just in your mind and feelings, but are also fixed in your body.

Armoring is located in particular areas of our bodies and can affect posture, alignment to the ground, relationship to gravity, and often distorts or creates changes to certain body areas due to blockages or leaks of energy. 

Core Energetic MindBody techniques are designed to gradually release the chronic holding patterns and body armoring that create so much of our sense of fear, dissatisfaction, distrust, anxiety, and lack of pleasure & fulfillment. Opening the flow of energy in the body allows us to experience the full nature and pulsation of our aliveness, an experience called joy.

Basic tools that support the process of unification of consciousness and energy, include, but are not limited to techniques such as
  • Grounding
  • Breathwork
  • Movement to open the body and support body integration
  • Use of charge and discharge to open energy flow
  • Emotionally expressive work and active interventions which challenge the blocks and armoring in the body
  • Exploration and work with the client's main energy defenses; ex. Fragmenting, Splitting, Freezing, Collapse, Holding-in, Displacements, Holding-back.
  • Use of intentionality and positive will
  • Subtle techniques with the energy centers (chakras)
  • Touch and hands-on techniques
  • Support of Higher Self Expression through connection to Guidance
  • Creative Interventions
  • Role play
  • Constellation work


In reclaiming the full spectrum of our feelings, our authenticity, our passion, and our life-force, we experience an inner joy that comes from the ability to flow within ourselves, and with all of life. As we embrace ourselves, we also open to fully loving and embracing others and we experience deep connections. Because we are open to giving and receiving fully, we experience a profound sense of pleasure in being and in embracing the fullness of our humanity.

This is the goal of Core Energetics.


Pleasure and Fulfillment through Energy and Consciousness