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Meet Lisa


Lisa Loustaunau, MFA, CCEP, OSC

Assistant Dir. & Dir. of Education, Institute of Core Energetics

Dir. Core Energetics Training CT


  • Certified Core Energetics Practitioner
  • CT State Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Interfaith Spiritual Counselor
  • International Teacher of Core Energetics at Institutes in Brazil, Holland, Mexico & Australia

Hello, I’m Lisa and it is my privilege to introduce myself to you.
Long ago I heard a phrase which had a profound effect on me that said, "The sacred wound is the wound, the healing of which allows us to become the heroes of our own life,” It was by Jean Houston and with these words it became clear to me that our greatest gifts and strengths lie right behind our struggles. Our unique jewels just the other side of those aspects of ourselves we'd rather avoid. It takes courage to look at oneself unflinchingly and courage to heal, it takes consciousness, willingness and support to do the deep transformational work which allows us to unify the energy of the heart with the energy of the mind and body. A unified human being is truly a powerful force. It is my belief that each of us are on this planet to heal our splits and open our hearts. To live fully and vibrantly and use our life force creatively for the good of all. I am deeply honored to support so many in their process of transformation and deeply grateful to my wonderful teachers, mentors, and guides.

While continuing to walk my own journey, I am and have been in private practice in Norwalk, Connecticut, working with individuals, couples & groups since 1994. I also have directed training programs in Connecticut since 2009.

Recently I have been deeply honored by being named Assistant Director and Director of Education at the Institute of Core Energetics, the premier Institute for the training of Core Energetics therapists, where I have been a teacher since 1998.


In addition to my position at the Institute, I continue to teach classes and train Institute students in the Core method, and also lead process groups, and supervise the trainees. The Institute is where I completed my own training with the founder of Core Energetics, John Pierrakos M.D., as well as with Stuart Black and Karyne Wilner. I also teach internationally at Institutes in Brazil, Holland, Australia & Mexico.

It is my pleasure to also be able to offer sessions in Spanish and I am fairly fluent in that language.

In addition to Core Energetics, I am a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained in various hypnotic approaches and offer hypnotherapy as one of my regular services to those who wish to change specific behavior patterns.

Supporting the spiritual maturity of my clients is an important part of the human journey. As a Spiritual Director and frequent guest teacher at the Guild for Spiritual Guidance (since 1995), I am spiritually but not religiously oriented. In June of 2006 I graduated from One Spirit Seminary in NYC as an Interfaith Spiritual Counselor.

My background is diverse combining traditional education in Psychology, Research, and Art, with other many non-traditional growth and healing methodologies which often inform my work. These include Raja Yoga, Shamanism, Jungian Depth psychology & Dreamwork. I have been leading groups and workshops in the field of Human Potential for over 25 years.

"It is my intention to be of service in your journey, to support you in being all of who you are. To help you find the courage to know and express your real needs, to feel all of your feelings, and to let go of the defense patterns that limit your experience of aliveness and do not serve your higher purpose."
Lisa Loustaunau


Session Room, Norwalk, CT



- United States Association of Body Psychotherapists (USABP)     

- American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA)

- Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals  (ABMP)

- The Guild for Spiritual Guidance