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Certified Core Energetics Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Interfaith Spiritual Counselor
Core Energetics Training

Telephone: (203) 722-7129


Dr. John Pierrakos, MD, Core Energetics Founder

“The purpose of life is for each of us to fulfill
our potential as human beings.”   
                 -  J. Pierrakos

CORE ENERGETICS was developed by psychiatrist, Dr. John Pierrakos, MD.

Born in Greece in 1921, John came to the United States in 1939 at the onset of World War II. He attended Columbia University where he earned his Ph.D. in psychiatry. In the late 1940’s he came to know and became a student of Wilhelm Reich. After working in a hospital for several years he settled into private practice with Alexander Lowen, another former student of Reich’s. Pierrakos and Lowen together created Bioenergetics, a new system of bodywork inspired by Reichian principles.
In the mid 1960’s John met and was powerfully drawn to the work of the gifted channel Eva Broch, who brought forth the Spiritual Wisdom now known as the PATHWORK. They married in 1971. In the pathwork he found many of the elements that he felt were missing from Bioenergetics. He chose to incorporate many of the Spiritual Pathwork principles with the physical techniques of Bioenergetics and from this marriage, Core Energetics was born.

Following Eva’s death in 1979, he founded the Core Energetics Institute in NY as well as several other Institutes around the world. Dr. John PIerrakos died in New York in 2001 as he was about to celebrate his 80th birthday.


      Dr. John Pierrakos, MD   
1921 - 2001


Lisa Loustaunau receives CCEP diploma
from Dr. John PIerrakos, May 1998,
NY Institute of Core Energetics