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Certified Core Energetics Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Interfaith Spiritual Counselor
Core Energetics Training

Telephone: (203) 722-7129



When you are grounded, you are centered in your body, you are aware and in the present moment, and your energy is flowing. You are rooted in your experience, in reality, and also feeling yourself. This gives you the freedom to act and not react.

Grounding implies a correct relationship to gravity, where you are neither pulling up and away from the ground, or being overly pulled down toward it.
The patterns of tension in our body, our posture, the way we move and hold ourselves, the way we breathe, all speak to and affect our state of grounded-ness. When we are ruminating about the past, worrying about the future, experiencing anxiety, distracted and preoccupied, disconnected from our body, we are not grounded. Day-to-day life feels like a very different experience when we live it from a grounded place. We experience ourselves and our relationships very differently when we are centered. The difference is profound.

Core Energetics works with many techniques that support the experience of becoming more grounded, including postural adjustments, breathing, movement, subtle energy techniques, active and expressive techniques, which will improve your grounding and assist you to stay grounded at times when life becomes stressful.