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Certified Core Energetics Practitioner
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Interfaith Spiritual Counselor
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Emotionally Expressive Techniques

Working with emotionally expressive techniques is a powerful way of challenging blocks to feelings and consciousness. These help us to move beyond our mask, and into a more direct energetic experience/awareness of feelings we have been managing, rising-above, denying, compartmentalizing or substituting with secondary feelings. 

This aspect of the work is often the most misunderstood. This is NOT about catharsis, nor are these techniques a prescription or model for how we should behave. Not at all. This work is about taking conscious responsibility for the energy of feelings which, because they are partially disowned, are leaking into our life and relationships in unconscious behaviors and negativities, and are creating separation and suffering. When this energy leaks into our life without our conscious ownership we are powerless to make real changes. Secondly, the type of movement used in an expressive intervention is chosen depending upon the particularities of the client’s body; where blocks are located, which areas are overcharged or undercharged, all the while supporting the energy to flow and ground. The client is empowered to contain the increased energy and consciousness.

It takes courage to see, to know, to feel the truth of, and take responsibility for what we create and for parts of ourselves we would prefer “not to know.” Many of us have had painful experiences with the irresponsible or disowned expressions of anger of others. This often leads to fear, denial, or misuse of our own aggressive feeling. However in disowning our own aggression, we simultaneously inhibit our healthy assertion. It is this healthy assertion that these techniques support to build in an individual.

As we begin to work with feelings that were previously perceived as “dangerous” within the safe container of a supportive relationship, something rather wonderful happens. Not only do we take greater self-responsibility, but we also reclaim the energy that has been trapped in the previously denied feelings. This life-force, this energy, is now freed and available for our creativity, our well-being, and a powerfully enhanced experience of our alive-ness.

Expressive techniques work to open and bring awareness to the full range of human emotions and support our ability to contain and discharge these fully. This is the foundation of a healthy nervous system, and brings a sense of flow to our lives, grace to our movements, and a freedom to express who we really are.


Striking motions open arms & shoulder girdle, encourage awareness of feelings and distortions around aggression and assertion, and help clients claim their “no” and stand their ground.