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Core Energetics Training Programs 

2016 - 2017

Institute of Core Energetics 




 Programs in the theory, practice, and techniques of Core Energetics, an integrative system that bridges body psychotherapy and spirituality by embracing the somatic, psychological, and spiritual aspects of human development.

Attend an Introductory Weekend

April 7 - 9, 2017

June 9 - 11, 2017 

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This program will give you a deep understanding of the human energy system & how it shapes character and life patterns. Most importantly, it will invite you into a more conscious & creative exploration of your own psychodynamics and character and give you a profound awareness of yourself as an embodied evolving being.


You will learn how emotions become locked in our bodies in observable physical/energetic blocks as one of the elements that shape our character. These blocks, initially created as a defense against historic pain, also reduce our capacity for pleasure, limit consciousness and determine many of our day-to day attitudes and behaviors that diminish our overall quality of life. 


Classes are both didactic and experiential. Participants learn to work safely with energy & feelings with Core Energetic bodywork techniques that open and release life force and bring healing at a deep somatic level for integration of the BODY • EMOTIONS • MIND • WILL & SPIRIT. 

Who is this program for?

Many who take this program are professionals seeking to integrate an understanding of this powerful somatic modality into their current practices. Others because it is a dynamic process for their own growth and healing, and still others because they seek to explore the possibility of learning how to work with others using Core Energetics.

Want more information?


More Information about the programs, curriculum and the faculty is available at the Institute of Core Energetics website 


2016 - 2017 Training Dates*


Oct. 28 - 30, Dec. 9 - 11, Feb. 24 -26, 2017, April 7-9, June 9-11


Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) are available.


The Institute offers: 


A 4-Year Certification Program


A 2-Year Personal Transformation Program


A 4-Year Personal Transformation and Embodied Leadership Program


Meeting at Wisdom House in beautiful Litchfield, CT


Weekends include classes, process groups, spiritual service, special presentations & community events.


• Open to professionals wishing to learn and incorporate somatic therapy skills in their practice,

• To non-professionals who seek a personal growth process while exploring the possiblity of working with others as Certified Core Energetic practitioners.

• To anyone desiring to undergo an powerful transformative process that engages mind, body, spirit, and sexuality.