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Charge and Discharge

The physical aspect of the Core Energetic work is based on the principle of charge and discharge.

Areas of the body that have and hold energy are overcharged. The muscle tissue in these areas maintain an excess concentration of energy making them energy dense with not enough flow and movement. This makes energy less available to other areas of the body.  Sensation is limited in the overcharged areas. Areas of the body that are energy deprived, where the tissues do not have sufficient tone to carry, transmit, and sustain charge are undercharged.

The experience of overcharge is one of stuck-ness. There is a pseudo-power with the density, which comes at the expense of flow, movement, and spontaneity. Feelings are over-contained. This limits and constrains the life-force. The experience of undercharge is a sense of weakness, with an inability to sustain movement, action, or intention. Feelings and sensation are diminished, and what feelings are experienced are under-contained.

Core Energetics uses techniques to discharge the overcharged areas of the body, and to charge the undercharged areas.

Charging techniques add energy to the areas of the body being charged. The active expressive movements such as hitting the cube or rolling on a roller are charging techniques. Physical touch also charges the area being touched. Charging the body with more energy serves not only to increase the ability to support more flow and feelings but also can increase pressure on areas that are blocked ( a defense to a particular experience, feeling, or sensation). With sufficient pressure on a block, the energy can break through, and with that comes new perception and experience of long-held unconscious feeling.

Discharge techniques invite the increased energy that has been added to the body, to push through the blocks and open the flow of energy through the body. Discharge is not a release of energy out of the body, but a release of energy within the body. As energy moves through the body in new ways, we open to consciousness and an experience of feelings and sensations that were previously defended against. This makes us feel more alive!

An individuals entire body, or any portion of their body can be overcharged or undercharged.

The Bow Posture supports both charge and discharge and increases grounding & presence


The Waterfall Posture support discharge and grounding