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Active and Experiential Techniques

There are many aspects to the Core Energetic work because the process engages every level of the person. Consciousness and energy are the foundation of all thoughts, beliefs, emotions, body sense, and Spirituality.

Awareness is often not enough to create the necessary shift to a new level of experience when energy and consciousness is held in the blocked (defended) areas of the body. Core Energetics uses active and experiential techniques to engage and open the flow of life force through blocked areas of our body which hold unconscious feelings. As energy moves and opens, it brings new experience.

Core Energetics shifts us from the inside out. We begin to sense the truth of things from within ourselves, from within our own felt sense, from within our own body. As our connection to our body and feelings develops and becomes more reliable, we begin to trust the knowing that is within. Our aliveness and fullness is embraced and no longer feared. From this place come new ideas about ourself and life. Active techniques and experiences give us the deep-in-the-body knowing that help us live from our truth and integrity, not just from our “beliefs” about things.

The client learns through these experiences that this increase of awareness, feeling, sensation, and expression, which was previously considered “threatening” to the personality, can be fully experienced in safety and healthy containment. When unfelt feelings can be felt, unprocessed experience can be integrated, unconscious images can be examined, a sense of courage and trust in the self can infuse the personality. The result is a new sense of aliveness and freedom.

Roller Work opens the flow of energy between the upper and lower body by addressing the many tensions that inhibit energy flow in the back. The roller opens the vulnerable front of the body and the chest which deepens breathing, allows us to feel the support of our spine, our legs, and the earth and connects the energy of heart and pelvis.


Working with the ocular block