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Core Energetics Training

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Core Energetics Therapy

Discover the freedom of embracing your genuine self. Experience the empowerment that emerges from greater awareness and acceptance of all your feelings. Feel the fullness and joy that comes from a deeper connection to your body and energy system. Let go of the defensive strategies that you believe keep you safe, but which only keep you stuck in unsatisfying patterns.Move toward a greater sense of unity between what your head thinks and what your heart wants and feels. Transform unconscious negativities that trap so much life force, and embrace the pleasure that is your birthright.e:




Far Away? Work with Lisa via SKYPE


Skype or phone sessions provide a means for those that live too far to come in for face-to-face sessions or for those that live overseas to experience the power of the Core process. 


Contact Lisa to Schedule a SKYPE or In-Office Session




Online Small Group Supervision   

       Looking for support and supervision?

Join a small group of practitioners who meet regularly online to:

Enhance psychodynamic insight • Learn to use and trust your body empathy • Increase your skill in the therapeutic use of relational energies: Transference and Countertransference • Explore new techniques and interventions in your work with clients • Receive support to build or grow your practice • Experience the personal growth that working with clients offers • Learn when and how to use self-revelation effectively in practice • Connect regularly with other practitioners in an environment of mutual support.


Meetings last 90 minutes and groups are generally made up of 3 or 4 practitioners.


Contact Lisa if you are interested in joining or learning more about Small Group Supervision.